Warner Bros. Discovery partners with Shell for the premiere of local show ‘Dare to Ride’

  • Six celebrity bikers overcome unique obstacles as they bike across Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, and India
  • New local series in partnership with Shell (6×30) premieres across Southeast Asia and India between June 25 to July 30, 2022

Episode 4 (premiere on July 16) brings audiences to Vietnam with Photojournalist Tran Tuan Viet, who will challenge his knowledge of Hanoi as he attempts to be a motorcycle tour guide for the day. Armed with only a vintage motorcycle and his wits, Viet takes three tourists on a trip filled with food, history and culture.

Vietnamese photographer to be a visual storyteller on Discovery

The renowned local photographer Tran Tuan Viet has become an amateur tour guide on the television series entitled Dare to Ride by Discovery, introducing Hanoi culture and its appetizing cuisine.

Hanoi Times

Dare to Ride – Outride Hanoi with photographer Tran Tuan Viet / YouTube/Shell

Discovery x Samsung Global / Explore Life Refocused #withGalaxy S21 | Samsung

Life Refocused: Capture What Matters #withGalaxy S21

Our world has changed immeasurably over the last year. We’ve had to adapt, forge new relationships with those close to us, and learn to appreciate our immediate surroundings. With time to pause for breath, we’ve been able to think about what matters most.

To celebrate this newfound perspective, Samsung and Discovery have partnered with three trailblazing photographers to explore life refocused. First, meet multi-award-winning travel photographer Tran Tuan Viet and his Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G.

Samsung Global

Learn more: https://www.samsung.com/uk/explore/photography/life-refocused-capture-what-matters-withgalaxy/