Sony World Photography Award 2024
Hang Son Doong - Tran Tuan Viet
Vietnam Photography Tour
Sony World Photography Award 2024
Columbia University Book Cover “Other Moons”
Vietnam Photography Tour
Vietnam Photography Tour
Vietnam Photography Tour
Vietnam Photography Tour
Sony World Photography Award 2024
ColorPro Award 2023
Nature Photographer Of The Year 2022
Minimalist Photography Awards 2022
Smithsonian Photo Contest Winner 2021
HIPA International Photography Award 2020
Columbia University Book Cover “Other Moons”
Agora Awards 2020
Environmental Photographer of the Year 2019
Environmental Photographer of the Year 2019
National Geographic's Photo Community - Best of 2018
National Geographic Photo Of The Day 2018
National Geographic's Photo Community
National Geographic Magazine - June 2017
National Excellence Photography Award 2017
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Welcome to the official website of Tran Tuan Viet — an award-winning Vietnamese photographer and internationally published visual-storyteller.

Tran Tuan Viet: Bringing Vietnam closer to the world

The profound simplicity of Vietnamese daily life can be witnessed through moments of innocence, intimacy and freshness that mark his photo stories of Vietnam. Today, his work featuring Vietnam’s people, landscape, and traditional culture, is commissioned by international clients, and has also been published widely by renowned worldwide media.

— Sharjah Government Media Bureau

Tran Tuan Viet on Media

Renowned outlets like National Geographic, Discovery, and CNN have published Viet’s photographs, which Apple and Samsung have also featured. Stories about Viet have also appeared in almost all Vietnamese newspapers and television channels.


Vietnam Photography Tours

Explore the enchanting beauty of Vietnam through the guide of Tran Tuan Viet. A photographic journey that unveils the Vietnam’s captivating beauty. Since 2018, Viet and his team have been orchestrating immersive photo tours, offering a unique blend of cultural richness and scenic marvels.

Join a community of passionate photographers on an expedition that goes beyond sightseeing, delving into the soul of Vietnam. From bustling markets to serene landscapes, each tour is a visual feast, capturing the essence of this vibrant nation. Let Viet’s expertise and vision transform your photography, creating lasting memories and stunning images.

Partners & Clients

Viet finds the creative prowess acknowledged through commissions from esteemed clients such as Google, Hyundai, Canon, Honda, Samsung, and other industry giants, showcasing the universal appeal and recognition of his artistry across diverse and influential platforms.

Daniel Kordan

Vietnam Instagram account to follow

As you might expect from someone’s whose art has been praised by National Geographic, his Instagram feed is one jaw-dropping snap after another. Thankfully, his photos celebrate not only stunning landscapes, but also the pure beauty of everyday scenes in Vietnam.

— Vietnam National Administration of Tourism

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