Around Vietnam Photo Tour 3
Around Vietnam Photo Tour 3
Around Vietnam Photo Tour 5
Around Vietnam Photo Tour 5
Around Vietnam Photo Tour 6
Around Vietnam Photo Tour 6
Around Vietnam Photo Tour
Around Vietnam Photo Tour
Hanoi Summer Photography Tour & Workshop
Hanoi Night Scene in Photo Tour
Hanoi Summer Photography Tours
Traditional Village Hanoi Photography Trip
Bamboo basket farmer in Hanoi Summer Photography Tour
Soy sauce farmer in Hanoi Photo Tour
Hanoi Summer Photo Workshop
Traditional basket making in Hanoi Photo Tour
Drone shot in Hanoi Summer Photo Tour
A temple shot of Hanoi Photography Tours
Hanoi Summer Photography Tours
Drone photography in Hanoi photo tour
Bamboo basket farmer in Hanoi Photo Tour
Ceramic Road in Hanoi Photo Tour
V-Shape fishermen in Hanoi Summer Tour
Tea hills at dawn in Hanoi Photo Tours
Clamp huts in Around Hanoi Photo Tours
Hanoi Summer Photo Tour & Workshop
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Tour Summary

  • Duration: 5 days, 4 nights
  • Transportation: private luxury bus
  • Accommodation: 5-stars hotels and best hotels in the remote locations
  • Room: double occupancy / twin bed share
  • Meals: 3 main meals in private rooms of modern restaurants
  • Group size: maximum 6 participants

Join us

  • Total price: 2,000 USD
  • Single supplement: +400 USD
  • Tour date: May 15 to 19, 2024
  • Status: fully booked


  • Hanoi Incense Village
  • Hanoi Ceramic Road
  • Hanoi Roundabout
  • Hanoi Train Street
  • Duong Lam ancient village
  • Hung Yen soy sauce village
  • Hung Yen basket village
  • Dong Chau beach
  • Quang Lang infinity beach
  • Tam Coc complex
  • Hang Mua cave viewpoint
  • Long Coc tea hill

Tour Included

  • Double occupancy in 5-star hotels and resorts
  • All city transfers
  • Arrival airport transfer (until 12 pm on first day)
  • Departure airport transfer (afternoon of last day)
  • Unlimited 4G SIM card
  • Unlimited bottled water
  • Site entry fees (if applicable)
  • Model fees (if applicable)
  • 3 standard meals and non-alcoholic beverages per day
  • Coffee breaks
  • Photography and licensed tour guide

Tour Excluded

  • International flights
  • Travel insurance (it is a must)
  • Alcohol (except as noted)
  • Visas and travel insurance
  • Airport transfers outside of designated times
  • Tips for Guides and Drivers

Photo Tour Itinerary


Around Vietnam Photo Tour 1

Welcome to the amazing Vietnam! After clearing immigration and customs, you will be transferred to your hotel in Ha Noi where your adventure begins. We will provide three transfers from Noi Bai International Airport to a hotel in Ha Noi between 8:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m.

Our trip begins when we capture the incense village for 2 hours in the afternoon. Then we head out into town for a welcome dinner. After warming up and getting to know each other, you will toast the journey ahead!


Embark on a visual voyage through the heart of Hanoi, with our lenses focused on the captivating Ceramic Road as it basks in the early morning light. Witness the intricate tiles that tell tales of artistry and tradition, forming a mosaic masterpiece that graces the city. As the day unfolds, our photography group moves to Duong Lam ancient village, a living testament to Vietnam’s rich heritage. In the afternoon, capture the essence of daily life in this historic enclave—narrow lanes lined with ancient houses, locals immersed in their routines, and the timeless charm that defines Duong Lam. Each frame will freeze moments of cultural continuity and the subtle beauty embedded in the rhythm of village life. From the vibrant urban artistry to the serene authenticity of Duong Lam, our cameras will weave a visual narrative that echoes the soul of Vietnam.


Our photographic journey unfolds with the morning sun illuminating the soy sauce village, a place where tradition and craftsmanship converge. Here, lenses will focus on the intricate processes that yield this culinary staple, capturing the essence of a community steeped in age-old techniques. In the afternoon, the bamboo fishing trap village becomes our canvas—a testament to human ingenuity in harmony with nature.

Each click of the shutter will freeze moments of skilled hands weaving these intricate traps, a dance between tradition and resourcefulness. From the savory notes of soy to the artistry of bamboo, our lenses will weave a narrative that transcends mere images, preserving the stories etched into the landscapes and livelihoods of these vibrant Vietnamese villages. This day promises not just visual indulgence but a journey into the soul of these communities, where daily life becomes a living tapestry waiting to be captured.

Journey to Dong Chau beach as the day concludes, aiming your lens at the horizon to capture the mesmerizing hues of the sunset. The tranquil shores transform into a canvas of warm tones, a serene farewell to the day. If fortune favors, wait for the night sky to unveil its celestial wonders. Capture the ethereal beauty of the Milky Way, a cosmic dance of stars illuminating the darkness. Each photograph becomes a testament to the fleeting magic of the sunset and the timeless allure of the galaxy above, painting the night with celestial elegance on Dong Chau beach.


Begin your day with the ethereal glow of sunrise at the infinite stretch of Quang Lang Beach, where the horizon meets the sea in a captivating dance of colors. Transition to the enchanting landscapes of Ninh Binh, capturing the iconic Hang Mua adorned with the grace of lotus blooms. Each photograph becomes a fusion of natural beauty and architectural wonder.

In the afternoon, immerse in the timeless charm of Tam Coc, where limestone karsts and serene waters paint a picturesque tableau. As the day matures, journey back to Hanoi, where the lens becomes a witness to the vibrant energy of the city’s evening. Conclude your visual odyssey with a dinner that echoes the diverse flavors of your day, preserving the tales of Quang Lang Beach, Hang Mua, Tam Coc, and the pulsating life of Hanoi.


Dive into the ethereal beauty of Long Coc tea hills as the morning sun casts its golden glow upon the undulating landscape. Photograph not just the breathtaking scenery but also the vibrant activities of the ethnic people of Phu Tho, their daily routines and cultural richness immortalized through your lens. After this visual feast, our journey leads us back to Noi Bai International Airport, arriving at 2 p.m.

Whether you choose to extend your stay, absorbing the charm of Northern Vietnam, or board a flight back to your abode, let the photographs speak of the landscapes explored and the cultural stories captured in this short but enriching photographic escapade. The essence of Phu Tho and its people will linger in the frames, a testament to the diversity and beauty woven into the fabric of Northern Vietnamese life.