Vietnam Photography Tour
Vietnam Photography Tour
Vietnam Photography Tour
Around Vietnam Photo Tour
Around Vietnam Photo Tour
Vietnam Photography Tour
Vietnam’s Mekong Delta Photography Tour
Waterlily Scene in Around Vietnam Photography Tour
Sewing Net in Southern Vietnam Photo Tour
Coracle Fishermen in Vietnam Photo Tour
Sand dune, Mekong Delta Vietnam Photo Tour
Drying Fish - Southern Vietnam Photo Tour
Sewing Net in Vietnam Photo Tour & Workshop
Vietnam Mekong Delta Photo Tour
Mekong Delta Fishermen - Vietnam Photography Trip
Southern Vietnam Photography Tour
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Tour Summary

  • Duration: 7 days, 6 nights
  • Transportation: private luxury bus
  • Accommodation: 5-stars hotels
  • Room: double occupancy / twin bed share
  • Meals: 3 main meals, private room in best restaurants
  • Group size: maximum 10 participants
  • Airport transfer: included
  • Start: Tan Son Nhat International Airport (SGN)
  • End: Tan Son Nhat International Airport (SGN)

Join the Waiting List

  • Total price: 3,500 USD
  • Single supplement: 600 USD

Trip Included

  • Double occupancy in 5-star hotels and resorts
  • All city transfers
  • All airport transfers
  • Unlimited 4G SIM card
  • Unlimited bottled water
  • Site entry fees (if applicable)
  • Model fees (if applicable)
  • 3 standard meals and non-alcoholic beverages per day
  • Coffee breaks
  • Photography and licensed tour guide

Trip Excluded

  • International flights
  • Travel insurance (it is a must)
  • Alcohol (except as noted)
  • Visas and travel insurance
  • Airport transfers outside of designated times
  • Tips for Guides and Drivers

Photo Tour Itinerary


Welcome to the amazing Vietnam! After clearing immigration and customs, you will be transferred to your hotel in Ho Chi Minh City where your adventure begins. We will provide three transfers from the airport to our hotel in center of the city between 8:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m.

Our trip begins when we capture the golden hour in Ho Chi Minh city – the biggest city of Vietnam for 2 hours in the sunset. After take some amazing shots, we have a welcome dinner. After warming up and getting to know each other, you will toast the journey ahead!


Start your day early to catch the stunning sunrise from the observation deck of Bitexco Financial Tower. The cityscape bathed in morning light provides a great opportunity for urban photography. Head to Ben Thanh Market as the city comes to life. Capture the vibrant colors, local vendors setting up their stalls, and the energetic atmosphere. The architecture of the market itself is also photogenic.

After lunch, embark on a journey to Long An, a province known for its serene landscapes and traditional Vietnamese countryside. Visit Tan Lap Floating Village, where you can capture the daily life of locals on the water. The traditional wooden boats and floating houses make for unique and picturesque scenes. These houses showcase the architectural beauty and cultural heritage of the region. Capture details like the wooden carvings and the surrounding lush greenery. Before the day ends, we visit Thien Hau Temple, dedicated to the Chinese sea goddess. The intricate architecture and the cultural significance of the temple provide excellent photo opportunities.


This is a picturesque journey as we capture the enchanting scenes of female farmers surrounded by water lilies in the morning, followed by an afternoon adventure to An Giang province, where we’ll frame the breathtaking landscapes and the vibrant culture of the Chams people through our lenses.


Embark on a visual odyssey with our photography group as we freeze moments in time, revealing the vibrant tapestry of An Giang and Hau Giang. From the adrenaline-charged spectacle of cow racing to the serenity of monks in pagodas, our lenses traverse the cultural kaleidoscope. Witness the undulating beauty of rice fields in An Giang, where every frame tells a story of resilience and growth. As we journey to Hau Giang, let our images unravel the unique charm of this region. Join us in capturing the essence of these landscapes, where every click is a brushstroke painting the canvas of memories.


Our visual journey continues as we explore the heart of Vi Thanh’s bustling morning market, capturing the vibrant essence of daily life. In the afternoon, we’ll venture to the enchanting caves of Kien Giang, hoping to seize the moment when sunlight delicately pierces through the cave’s depths. A stroke of luck may gift us with a mesmerizing play of sunbeams. Our photographic odyssey continues in Bac Lieu, where unique landscapes and local life await our lenses. Embrace the diverse tapestry of Vietnam’s beauty, from market scenes to natural wonders, as we craft an unforgettable narrative through our collective lens.


We delve into the heart of Bac Lieu’s morning rhythms, capturing the age-old tradition of fishermen casting their v-shaped nets. Witness the intricate skill of female farmers as they meticulously sew nets, weaving tales of generations. After a hearty lunch, our lenses shift to Soc Trang, where a majestic lying Buddha statue awaits, inviting us to freeze its serenity in time. As the day bids adieu, we chase the sun to Can Tho, framing the enchanting sunset over its waters. Stay a night in Can Tho, where every moment is a masterpiece in the making.


Rise with the sun to witness and immortalize the bustling spectacle of Can Tho’s floating market, where vibrant boats laden with local produce create a mesmerizing tapestry on the water. As the day unfolds, we bid farewell to the Mekong Delta and make our way back to the bustling energy of Ho Chi Minh City.

Our visual expedition concludes at Tan Son Nhat International Airport at 4 p.m., offering you the flexibility to extend your stay independently or catch a flight back home. Reflect on the vivid snapshots captured during our adventure—a collection of moments that encapsulate the spirit and diversity of Vietnam. From the dynamic markets to the serene river scenes, each photograph tells a unique story, preserving the essence of this enchanting journey. As the shutter clicks on our final chapter, let these images be a timeless testament to the beauty and authenticity of Vietnam’s landscapes and its warm-hearted people.